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Cheap Gaming Laptops for Dragon Age Inquisition

Posted on 29 October, 2014  in New Laptop Guides

Brace yourselves, Dragon Age Inquisition comes out in less than a couple of weeks. PC gamers looking forward to its release should be sure their PC’s will be able to run Dragon Age. I’ve compiled a list of three computers that meet the minimum requirements to run Inquisition. Maybe you’ve been looking for a gaming computer, maybe you’ve been needing a new computer for a while and want one that’s cheaper and can run the game you’ve been looking forward to playing all year. The computers I’ve researched will get the job done in either case and at minimum cost. Keep in mind there are better computers out there than these – see https://laptopninja.io/gaming-laptops/. These are the best cheap gaming laptops for Dragon Age Inquisition based on it’s required framerates. 


The first two and cheapest gaming laptops are the HP 250 G2 Notebook, and the HP 250 G3 Notebook. These aren’t laptops tailored specifically for gaming, but they do reach the minimum requirements to run Dragon Age Inquisition. Either of these are recommended laptops because the price of the G2 is currently at $529.99, while the G3 is currently $389.00. Both will work efficiently running programs for work or school. Of course, who knows who much homework you’re actually going to get done once Inquisition comes out. Nonetheless these laptops will serve you well while questing. I’d recommend searching for a G3, because its specifications actually outshine the G2 but it’s somehow cheaper right now.


The next laptop is designed specifically for gaming so it’s perfect for Dragon Age. The MSI GX60-3AE is definitely a good fit for Inquisition and worth consideration if you plan on getting more into gaming in general. It will function fine for other tasks on the computer as well, but for gaming it has the two HP laptops beat. There are two things to consider before purchasing this laptop. The first is that it has been discontinued. MSI has put out many gaming laptops, each with better technology than the last and since this laptop is a minimum requirement gaming laptop the other MSI models have left it out of demand. However it’s still available at various stores online which brings us to the next issue. It costs a lot more than the HP laptops mentioned before. I’ve found it used online for as low as $849.95 in good condition. If you’re looking to buy one new you can find another variation of the GX60, the Destroyer, for $1,099. MSI has many other laptops too that don’t run too much higher than this one, so if you’re going to spend that much money then make sure it’s worth the investment by purchasing a better model isn’t such a bad idea.


As mentioned before most of these laptops meet the bare minimum. The GX60-3AE is a special edition no longer continued but many of MSI’s other laptops go beyond the minimum requirements. To run Inquisition efficiently at a low cost these are your best bets. For higher performance without spending all that dough on an MSI you can look for other variations of the HP G2 and G3. The most important thing to do is shop around and do your research on review sites before making any hasty decisions. Dragon Age Inquisition comes out in just over a month so don’t rush into anything. If you don’t game much but just have to play Dragon Age, the HP’s are definitely my recommendation. There are plenty of deals and sales to be found out there and buying a computer is an investment. These are the best cheap gaming laptops for Dragon Age Inquisition, good luck on your quest to find a worthy gaming PC.

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