Dota 2 is one of the world’s best MOBA games. You pick a hero, buy items, use spells to kill your enemies with occasional help from your allies. But, often players find it hard to choose from the hundred heroes and pick the perfect items that go along with them. To help them better understand this, Valve has incorporated a “Custom Game” system where you can test your mettle by battling against “Bots” or the computer AI. Here, the player has the freedom to change their gameplay experience. All he/she has do is press “Enter” to bring up the Chat and type in myriad commands. For example “-wtf” (no annotations) will prevent the heroes mana and cooldown reduction and make it static. The player, however, can disable the mode by typing in “-unwtf” (no annotations). Then there is “lvlup #”(no annotations) to level up his/her hero by “#” number of levels. Plus there is the famous “gold #” (no annotations) where the player gets “#” number of gold. These are just some of the most common chat commands used in the game, there are a hundred more available. Here’s a link to help you with that:

Also, to get better at the game early on, here are some tips: when your allied tower, hero or creep is under a certain percentage of health, you can deny them by attacking on them, this will prevent anyone from gaining the extra gold and experience. This is very handy and used to stop feeding players. Also, when you think you are about to die, buy something useful so that you can equip it after you respawn. If you did not buy it, you will loose some gold if you die. Another tip to remember is bottles refill faster in fountains, so if you keep spamming your bottle, you will heal faster and get out to battle quicker. Plus, if you want to restore your mana or health, drop any items that are giving you an attribute bonus. After that, use your restore, you will get a higher amount of mana/health in your pool once your items are are returned to your inventory. You should receive a very helpful bonus from that. Be mindful of dropping your items in a secured place so that the enemy cannot destroy your items. Last, but certainly not the least, if you are dying from tower attacks press ‘A’ on an allied unit to make the tower change its target. These simple tricks and tips should certainly help you in your quest to be a pro DOTA 2 gamer.

DOTA 2, again, is the most popular MOBA games out there, and only through practice will a player keep getting better and better at it. So, here is the best cheat ever: Practice. Yes, as you practice more, you will gain more experience and get better at this game. These were just some tips to help you get more and more intimate with that. And also remember the golden key to play this game, HAVE FUN!